Selection of Protection

Selection of Protection

Our selection of products outmatches the competition.

One factor that makes customized protection so effective as an insurance concept is the number of programs and types of protection Interstate Specialty Risk offers.

Essentially, we specialize in three areas of insurance protection: personal, business, and employee.
At the personal level we service our clients with a wide range of insurance coverages. These include Life; Homeowners; Liability; Hospital; Health and Accident; Mortgage; Auto; Fire; and Burglary and Robbery; to name a few.

In the business community we are active in many areas including contracting; manufacturing; wholesale and retail sales organizations; business and professional offices and buildings; apartments; automotive sales and service; and others.

Moreover, at the business level, we specialize in programs to protect you and your employees through group life and health, and disability income. We also have available cash-accumulating programs using life insurance and other programs specifically designed to assure future financial security.

Since insurance protection is only as good as its implementation, we’ve provided our office with the kind of sophisticated equipment a service business like ours demands.

The Interstate Specialty Risk office is literally a state-of-the-art communications network of information processing, account servicing and record-keeping–all programmed to give you the kind of fast, efficient action you’d expect from the area’s prominent independent insurance agency.

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