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Consider us your trucking operation’s insurance solution. We understand the attention to detail needed to organize your insurance program, and we also understand that finding the best price consumes more time than you have to spend. That’s why we focus our attention on your industry, and your industry alone.

Our agency operates under a different philosophy than you may be accustomed to. We are 100% client-focused. Let’s face it, the reason we’re in business is because you are. By offering our clients unique market access to some of the most reputable and competitively-priced truck insurance companies in the industry, we take pride in our ability to positively affect your bottom line. Check out our product lines:

Primary Truckers Liability

Primary Truckers Liability provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others caused by accidents arising out of ownership, maintenance or use of a covered automobile, for which the insured is legally liable for. If you hold FHWA (ICC) authority, you need Primary Liability Coverage.

Truckers Physical Damage

Truckers Physical Damage provides protection against loss or damage to your covered vehicle resulting from the impact with another vehicle or object. Often, an insurance company will ask you to provide the “Stated Amount” for each piece of equipment. Stated values for your equipment ought to be examined on an annual basis to take into account changes in the market for this equipment.

Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo provides coverage for loss or damage to the third-party property that a motor carrier is transporting.  Cargo coverage, more than most insurance products, varies widely among carriers and is notable for what is not covered or the restrictions in place.

General Liability

General Liability provides coverage for loss arising from a business’ premises, operations, and its completed products. GL coverage may be provided on either an “occurrence” or on a “claims-made” basis.

Bobtail Liability (Non-Trucking)

Bobtail Liability (also known as Non-Trucking or Deadhead) provides coverage for loss involving trucks not under dispatch. Bobtail Liability and Physical Damage Coverage is needed by owner operators. It’s important to remember that an owner operator is not usually covered under their Motor Carrier’s auto liability policy when the owner operator is not under dispatch. Also, the owner operator’s Motor Carrier will very rarely provide Physical Damage coverage for equipment owned by the owner operator.

Trailer Interchange

Trailer Interchange provides coverage for loss or damage to trailers not owned by the insured while in the insured’s possession under a written “trailer” or “equipment” interchange agreement in which insured assumes liability for loss to the trailer while in their possession.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation provides benefits to employees for any injury or contracted disease arising out of and in the course of employment. All states have laws which require such protection for workers and prescribe the length and amount of such benefits provided.

Excess Liability (Umbrella)

Excess Liability insurance is designed to provide an extra layer of coverage above the primary layer. The excess insurance does not respond, however, until the limits of liability in the primary layer have been exhausted. Because of the method of response, it is often much less costly than the primary layer, per $1,000,000 of coverage. The excess layer provides not only higher limits, but catastrophic protection for very large losses.

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